West Virginia Department of Commerce A Trip of Characters- Mothman, Indians and the Largest Horse That Ever Lived

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A Trip of Characters- Mothman, Indians and the Largest Horse That Ever Lived


Metro Valley Region
A Trip of Characters - Mothman, Indians and the Largest Horse That Ever Lived

Day 1

Spend the day at the West Virginia State Farm Museum. You can see the barn that was the home of the third largest horse that ever lived, watch a blacksmith beat iron over a fire and tour other historical buildings. Visit with the llamas, horses and other farm animals that occupy the grounds and walk a trail that leads to land where TNT used to be made during WWII. On your way to Point Pleasant, stop by the statue of Mothman, which is a legendary creature thought to have been the cause of the Silver Bridge collapse, which killed 44 people in 1967. A movie was even made about the story called “The Mothman Prophecies.” Stay the night at the Lowe Hotel, which was built in 1901. You’ll find inside its walls a museum dedicated to Mothman.

Day 2
Play cowboys and Indians for a day at a place in Point Pleasant that was the site of real battles between soldiers and Native Americans in the 18th century. Fort Randolph is about one mile away from the land where the original fort was located. Once a year the major siege of Fort Randolph by the Shawnee Tribe is commemorated. Visitors can tour the buildings and land of the fort throughout the year. After seeing the fort, make a stop at the River Museum where you can step into a building that has been on the river since 1854. Inside you’ll find displays, video demonstrations and special guests who will tell stories of great floods, stern wheel steamers and the river’s WWII history.

Day 3
scienceSpend the day at the Clay Center in Charleston, which is the state’s capital. The museum offers play and learning for kids of all ages. Two floors of hands-on science exhibits, complete with an animated game show, will keep you busy. In another area is a ball pit, tree house and other amusements for the little ones. The museum also houses an art gallery with permanent and visiting exhibitions and the Electricsky Theater where you can watch films on a larger than life screen or watch it turn into a planetarium so you can view the stars. If you still have some energy left over in the afternoon, get your cool on at Waves of Fun Water Park in Putnam County. Slide down twisting tubes and jump the waves in the giant wave pool. Only a small admission fee is required. Another option is to visit either Coonskin Park or Kanawha State Forest. Both have public swimming pools, hiking trails and playgrounds. If you’re a baseball fan, catch a ballgame at Appalachian Power Park.


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