WV State Farm Museum Tractor Show & Games

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WV State Farm Museum Tractor Show & Games

Jul 20, 2013 8:00AM

WV State Farm Museum Tractor Show & Games
1458 Fairground Road
Point Pleasant, WEST VIRGINIA 25550
MASON County

Contact phone: 304-882-2422
Contact phone 2: 304-675-5737
Web site: http://www.wvfarmmuseum.org/
Contact e-mail: wvsfm@wvfarmmuseum.org
Latitude: 38.8445251
Longitude: -82.1370889

Begins 8:00 am.  Fun filled day of remembering the heritage of farm life.  

The exhibits are rides/equipment used outside the farm home.  

There are seven categories of exhibits:

  • First Class--Antique tractors
  • Second Class--1960 and new generation
  • Third Class--Riding lawnmowers
  • Fourth Class--Walk-behind class which includes 2 wheel or garden tractors
  • Fifth Class--Kids Pedal Tractor
  • Sixth Class--Toy Tractor and Machinery
  • Seventh Class--Miscellaneous (anything not covered in first six classes).
Games include  races (one is the blindfold race), obstacle courses, egg game, golf ball game, kiddie tractor pulls and more.  

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.  No entry fee and no judging.  Museum’s Country Store and Country Kitchen will be open.  Admission: Free.

Directions: Located 4 miles north of Point Pleasant, WV, 7 miles south of Mason, WV, just off Route 62 on Fairgrounds Road.