Fort Mulligan


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Fort Mulligan

Fort Mulligan
RT 55W
Petersburg, WEST VIRGINIA 26847
GRANT County

Contact phone: 304-257-1313
Latitude: 39.002769
Longitude: -79.144545

The valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River was a middle ground, situated between the all-important middle Shenandoah Valley and the Upper Potomac region with its vital coal resources and the B&O Railroad infrastructure centered around Cumberland, Maryland. Federal or Confederate troops occupied this hill and its surrounding area beginning at least as early as August 1861, and were on the ground for at least part of every year of the war. Federal forces time and again tried to use this strategic point as a choke hold against raids on the B&O to the north, and as a jumping-off point for their own raids further south. The Fort as it exists today was constructed August–December 1863, by troops under the command of Colonel James A. Mulligan from Chicago, IL. Infantry, cavalry and artillery from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois carried out the labor.