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Have GPS Will Geocache!

Geocaching is a high-tech version of an oldfashioned treasure hunt. Instead of relying on X to mark the spot, participants use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to find caches.

These caches, which also are called geocaches, contain logbooks that allow treasure hunters to record that they’ve been there and see who else has been on-site. Many times, the caches will contain “treasure”: small trinkets, toys, coins or other items of little or no monetary value to the general public but of great value to geocachers. Etiquette requires that if a treasure hunter takes a piece of the “treasure” he or she must replace it with an item of his or her own. In addition to trading trinket for trinket, some geocachers leave behind a signature item, such as a personalized coin or calling card, to show others they have been there.

Geocache FindMany geocachers just enjoy the thrill of the find. They will skip trading trinkets, sign the logbook acknowledging that they have been there and move on to find another cache.

Caches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be boxes, plastic containers, military ammunition cans or any other waterproof container large enough to store a logbook. All physical caches must have some type of logbook to allow seekers to track their finds.

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