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The Architects Collaborative (TAC)

The Architects Collaborative (TAC) was created in 1945 by German architect Walter Gropius and seven other architects. The original partners included Norman C. Fletcher, Jean B. Fletcher, John C. Harkness, Sarah P. Harkness, Robert S. MacMillan, Louis A. MacMillan and Benjamin C. Thompson.

The idea of collaboration,” which was the basis of TAC, meant the entire group of architects had input on a project, rather than putting an emphasis on individualism.

TAC is well-respected for its broad range of designs and has created many successful projects, such as the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Office Building in Boston, Mass.; the Harvard Graduate Center in Cambridge, Mass; and the AIA Headquarters Building in Washington, D.C.

Bartholomew Consolidated School
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation,
Administration Building*

Harvard Commons
Harvard Commons*


John F. Kennedy Federal Building
John F. Kennedy Federal Building*

* Photos provided courtesy of Mary Sullivan, Bluffton University
The New Architecture and the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, 1955