West Virginia Department of Commerce Modernist Movement in State Park Lodges

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Modernist Movement in State Park Lodges

Also known as the International Style, Modernism eliminates ornament and emphasizes steel, glass and concrete material to create a sleek look, in which “form follows function.”

The Modernist Movement used innovative materials and mass-produced fittings, often originally intended for industrial settings, to create original furniture and buildings.

The first variants were conceived early in the 20th century. Modern architecture was adopted by many influential architects and architectural educators; however, very few “modern buildings” were built in the first half of the century. The Modernist Movement gained popularity after World War II and became the dominant architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings for three decades.


Twin Falls Resort State Park Lodge
Twin Falls Lodge
Twin Falls Lodge
Pipestem Lodge Resort State Park
Pipestem Lodge Pipestem Lodge
Hawks Nest State Park Lodge
Hawks Nest Lodge       Hawks Nest Lodge
The New Architecture and the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, 1955
Pioneers of Modern Design: From William Morris to Walter Gropius, Nikolaus Pevsner, 1936