West Virginia Department of Commerce State Park Cabins & Cottages

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State Park Cabins & Cottages

Rental unit descriptions

All cabin types are completely furnished and equipped for housekeeping.
Contain utensils, flatware, dishes, dish towels and cloths, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bath towels, and washcloths.  Firewood as applicable.

Feature upgraded amenities and contemporary design
Modern equipped kitchens

Modern Cabins
Wood paneled walls, open fireplaces and forced air heat
Complete kitchens with modern appliances
Baths with showers
Air conditioning is available in some cabins

Standard Cabins
Usually of log construction
Open fireplaces for heat
Modern equipped kitchens and baths with showers

One-room with combination kitchen-bedroom
Built-in double bunks, small bath and shower

Pioneer Cabins
Equipped with gas lamps, wood burning kitchen stove, fireplace for heat and gas refrigerator
Water and sanitary facilities are outside
Coin shower and laundry facilities at the Forest Headquarters

State Park and State Forest Cabins


Online reservations are
available for cabins at the
following eight state park locations.

West Virginia State Parks


Blackwater Falls
(304) 259-5216
26 Modern Cabins

Blackwater Falls State Park Cabin

Cacapon Resort
State Park

(304) 258-1022
12 modern cabins
13 standard cabins
6 bungalows

Cacapon State Park Cabin

Canaan Valley

(304) 866-4121
23 modern cabins

Canaan Valley Resort Cabin

North Bend
State Park

(304) 643-2931
9 Modern cabins

North Bend State Park Cabin

Pipestem Resort
State Park

(304) 466-1800
26 modern cabins

Pipestem State Park Cabin

Stonewall Resort
(304) 269-7400
10 lakeside villas

Stonewall Resort Lakeside Villas

Twin Falls Resort
State Park

(304) 294-4000
14 modern cabins

Twin Falls State Park

Tygart Lake
State Park
(304) 265-6144
11 modern cabins

Tygart Lake State Park Cabin

Phone reservations are available
for the following locations.
Please call the listed number.

State Park

(304) 438-3003
18 Standard cabins
8 Economy cabins

Babcock State Park Cabin

Beech Fork
State Park

(304) 528-5794
6 Modern cabins

Beech Fork State Park Cabin

State Park

(304) 466-2805
26 modern cabins

Bluestone State Park Cabin

(304) 385-4255
14 standard cabins

Cabwaylingo State Forest Cabin

Cass Scenic

(304) 456-4300
20 two-story
company houses

Cass State Park Houses

State Forest
(304) 536-1944
12 standard cabins
1 modern cabins

Greenbrier State Forest Cabin

Holly River
State Park

(304) 493-6353
10 standard cabins

Holly River State Park Cabin

State Forest

(304) 335-2219
5 Pioneer cabins
1 Pioneer cottage

Kumbrabow State Forest Cabin

Lost River
State Park

(304) 897-5372
11 modern cabins
15 standard cabins

Lost River State Park Cabin

Seneca State Forest
(304) 799-6213
7 Pioneer cabins

Senaca State Forest Cabin

Watoga State Park
(304) 799-4087
10 modern cabins
24 standard cabins

Watoga State Park Cabin

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