West Virginia Department of Commerce Travel Planner / Event listing form

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Travel Planner / Event listing form

This information will be included in the Travel Planner and may be listed on other pages throughout the West Virginia Division of Tourism's website - www.wvtourism.com

To make your facility or event listing accurate and informative, please be as complete as possible.
  In your facility or event description, be sure to include important information such as: seasons and hours of operation, admission fees and reservation policy. 

If you have questions about submitting your facility or event listing, please contact us at Tourism.Listings@wv.gov.

Before submitting form, please read the View West Virginia Division of Tourism events policy to ensure criteria is met.

  1. I read the Events Policy and my event meets the criteria. Complete if submitting an event.
  2. Facility or eventRequired - please select one.
  3. New or update:
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  5. This address should be the physical location of the facility or event.
  6. Physical address of facility or event.
  7. Is your mailing address the same?
  8. **** Your mailing address will not be included on the website. **** If you answered NO, please enter your mailing address. If you answered YES, please proceed to DESCRIPTION.
  9. Address where mail is received.
  10. Provide details about your facility or event below.
  11. Include 500 words or less.
  12. To select multiple items, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key.
  13. Contact information:
  14. Event details (Complete this section if you are submitting an event.)

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If you have travel-related questions, please contact the West Virginia Division of Tourism Call Center at 1-800-Call-WVA or send us an e-mail: tourism.info@wv.gov.