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Brochure Distribution


  1. Review your brochure and determine if it meets West Virginia Welcome Center Brochure Guidelines.
  2. Complete and submit the Brochure Distribution Application.  Submit a separate application for each brochure.
  3. When completing the online form, select the Welcome Centers of choice for displaying your brochure.
  4. Mail 2 of each brochure submitted to: Debra Sparks, West Virginia Division of Tourism, 90 MacCorkle Ave SW, South Charleston, WV 25303.
  5. You will receive approval or denial notification. Due to limited display space, brochures will be displayed on a rotating basis.
  6. All shipping instructions are to be strictly adhered to as outlined in the Brochure Distribution Policy.
  7. After approval the initial shipment of brochures is sent to the appropriate Center(s), please await Welcome Center staff notification before shipping additional Brochures.

Brochure Guidelines

Brochures and publications containing West Virginia tourism services and facilities are eligible for consideration for distribution and display in state Welcome Centers. 

The standards of approval are as follows:


  • Useful tourist information with 50% West Virginia tourism related services.
  • Brochures should designate: who, what, when, where, contact person, and admission fee.
  • Cannot contain terminology, advertising or pictures that are adult or sexually-oriented or otherwise not directly related to family travel.
  • Cannot be for the purpose of selling products.
  • Will accept bordering state highway maps, available for request.


  • Paper stock of sufficient weight to prevent wilting or drooping in rack.
  • Brochures must be professionally produced and printed.


  • Brochures must be shipped or delivered directly to the Welcome Center, Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 4:00pm
  • Advertiser is responsible for all shipping charges
  • C.O.D. will not be accepted
  • Packages cannot weigh over 25lbs.
  • Maximum first time shipment to each Welcome Center is 100 brochures
  • Please include your name, address and telephone number in your first shipment
  • Welcome Center staff will notify advertiser when brochures need replenished


The distribution and display of public and private brochures at West Virginia Welcome Centers does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the product or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

The West Virginia Division of Tourism remains the controlling authority at all times and has the right to remove or disqualify a brochure from display at any time for just cause.

Every effort will be made to display approved brochures. Should rack space be limited, brochures will be rotated on an equitable basis.

Brochure Application Form

Brochure Application Form