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West Virginia Division of Tourism Logo Standards

The Logo*, as outlined in each media category in these pages, is the official logo utilized by the West Virginia Tourism Commission and the West Virginia Division of Tourism for the Matching Advertising Partnership Program (MAPP). The logo is available for use by our tourism partners with approved (MAPP) projects and is required, as described in these standards, for all advertising receiving MAPP funding.

To ensure the success of West Virginia branding and to guarantee quality and consistency, each user of the logo must comply with the design guidelines provided here.

The West Virginia Division of Tourism received state and federal trademark protection for its logo. Accordingly, any unauthorized use of the logo is prohibited. The West Virginia Division of Tourism will take all necessary steps to protect its intellectual property from unauthorized use.

Design elements utilized in the Matching Advertising Partnership Program (MAPP) that fall outside the parameters of these Logo Standards must receive approval by Anna Plantz and a Tourism Commission Member. For questions concerning the correct logo usage that fall outside of the parameters of this guide and requests, contact Anna Plantz at the West Virginia Division of Tourism at 304-558-2200, ext. 59325.

MAPP advertising that falls outside these parameters or that requires creative approval must be accompanied by a Creative Approval Form. Creative approval requests should be sent to Anna Plantz at the West Virginia Division of Tourism.

Please be sure to utilize the correct logo for each media category as described in these standards. Also, ALWAYS download the most recent version of the logo when designing ads.

The Tourism Commission/Division of Tourism reserves the right to determine the acceptability and value of all written, graphic and visual material as to its content and appropriateness for the general public and for the state's effort to promote tourism.

Requirements and Logo Downloads

Print Media - Newspapers, Magazines, Inserts, Division of Tourism Co-op Ads, Tourism Industry Member Co-op Ads, State Travel Guide Ads, Classified and Brochure Ads, Vendor Usage, Electronic Tear Sheets, Re-sized Ads or Remnant Space

Broadcast Media -
Television and Radio

Internet Media -

Banner Ads, Small Space Internet Ads/Facebook Ads, E-Mail, Mobile Banner Ads, Social media

Billboards and Bus Wraps

Printed Pieces / Collateral
- Brochures, Rack Cards, Inserts, etc.

Web Site Design / Visible Link

Mobile Site Design / APPS / Visible Link



* The Logo, as used throughout this guide, refers to the "West Virginia Wild and Wonderful" logo.