West Virginia Department of Commerce Logo Usage DO's and DON'Ts

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Logo Usage DO's and DON'Ts

Should you have any questions or need additional information, 
please contact Anna Plantz at 304-558-2200 or e-mail anna.m.plantz@wv.gov


No text or graphic should overlap the logo.  

The logo should not be placed within a white box.

The logo should always be positioned in a prominent area. The logo should always stand apart from its surroundings (text, graphics, visual elements, etc.). It should be placed over a background color or photo.



Placement on color or photo

Logo shadow must be transparent, allowing the background color or photo to show through. (NOTE: White halo in last two examples is unacceptable.) The logo may be place on photos and on any color the design calls for. However, make sure the logo shadow is transparent and is located in an area that is void of subject matter, i.e., sky, grass, tree cluster.

Incorrect logo usage

DO NOT angle or invert the logo. The logo should always be positioned horizontally.

DO NOT use screened version in any color other than black in one-color applications.

DO NOT reverse any version of the logo other than the reverse options provided. (The oval must always appear white.)

DO NOT stretch or distort the logo and logotype in any way.

DO NOT use the logotype without oval.

DO NOT attempt to recreate, italicize, outline, or change logotype or any element of files provided.