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WV Reunions 2013
There will be no reunion program in 2014.

Please contact your local Convention and Visitor Bureau for information about your local area.

The 2013 Reunion campaign has come to a close.  Thank you for being a part of this special year when the state of West Virginia turned 150!  What an amazing summer celebration!

In cooperation with school, family and community reunions, we shared and celebrated all that makes this great state unique.  From West Virginia-themed items, to travel guides, to business information, and special sesquicentennial T-shirts and hats, all of these items showcased the things that make this state a terrific place to visit and live.  As a reunion planner, you helped the Department of Commerce spread the good news about our state.

More than 1000 reunion planners applied for West Virginia reunion kits in 2013.  This is the highest number ever in the five years of the reunion kit program.  At an average of 78 people per reunion, more than 78,000 people received an item that was shared by their family members, classmates and friends who attended reunions.

Thank you, West Virginians, for making this exciting year such an extraordinary achievement and sharing the information with your friends, families and classmates.