West Virginia Department of Commerce Governor's Community Participation Grant Program

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Governor's Community Participation Grant Program

Type of assistance: State grants.

Purpose: The Governor's Community Partnership program provides state grant funds for community and economic development projects throughout West Virginia. In true community partnerships, the program enables communities to expand, build and improve a variety of public facilities and services.

Description: The program encourages and supports meaningful public improvements in communities throughout West Virginia. Funds are provided to units of local government, generally counties and municipalities, for projects approved by the governor. From city parks to industrial parks, from tennis courts to county courthouses, the program provides resources for a variety of projects that improve communities throughout the state.

Eligible activities: Eligible activities include but are not limited to permanent public improvements related to the following:

  • City hall and courthouse facilities
  • Community centers
  • Construction and renovation of public facilities
  • Demolition
  • Economic development
  • Emergency services and law enforcement
  • Flood and storm drainage
  • Business and industrial parks
  • Land and property acquisition
  • Libraries
  • Parks and recreation
  • Parking facilities
  • Preservation and beautification
  • Street and sidewalk repair
  • Technology
  • Water and wastewater facilities and services
Eligible applicants: Funds are provided to units of local government, generally counties and municipalities. Eligible applicants include:

  • Counties, municipalities and incorporated towns
  • Public service districts
  • Independent boards and authorities within counties or municipalities that are authorized to seek grant funds, such as:
    • County and city development authorities
    • Park and recreation boards
    • Public water and sanitary boards
    • County boards of education
Counties and municipalities also must sponsor the applications of public organizations within their jurisdiction, such as library commissions and volunteer fire departments.

Contact: For additional information about the Governor's Community Partnership Program, please contact Debbie Legg at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-4010.