West Virginia Department of Commerce Flex-E-Grant F.A.Q.

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Flex-E-Grant F.A.Q.

How much are grant awards?
The Flex-E-Grant program may award mini-grants up to $10,000 total project cost for individual, institutional and community capacity building. 

What is capacity building?
Building the skills and abilities of local citizens, officials and organizations to understand problems, see opportunities and develop solutions has come to be known as capacity building. Nurturing successful capacity enables communities as a whole to produce real solutions and build real opportunities that change negative circumstances that might exist. The changes are what we might call social outcomes of the positive social impacts regarding quality of life, health, education and economic well-being of citizens. 

Do certain types of projects receive emphasis?

  • Economic opportunity: Build capacity by developing strong local and regional economic development organizations, assisting to diversify and expand local industry including destination tourism development and supporting small business development activities.
  • Infrastructure: As a non-construction program, Flex-E-Grant funding can be provided to build capacity around infrastructure issues such as the development of water, sewer, housing, public safety management and access road facilities to meet critical public health/safety needs and support business development activities.
  • Human resource development: Build capacity through human resource development by supporting career development, work-based learning and the number of schools that participate in school reform initiatives. The activity may involve public education, higher education, adult, job training, employment, welfare reform, economic development and/or workforce development.
  • Local capacity: Build local capacity from the ground up, through leadership training activities, assistance with community strategic planning processes and telecommunications initiatives that will increase collaboration, interaction and access to information. This can include capacity building activities for boards and commissions and activities to increase access to programs and information that leverage private-sector involvement.
  • Health care: Provide basic primary health care, health education, maternal and child health care and maintenance of reasonable access to emergency/acute care facilities.
Is an in-kind match allowed in a project with Flex-E-Grant funding?

What is the typical time length of a project?
The Flex-E-Grant requires an organization to commence activity immediately upon approval and conclude within six months. 

What are some examples of activities NOT eligible?
Flex-E-Grant is a non-construction leadership and community capacity building program. 

Applicants must design programs in accordance with these parameters: 
  1. Matching Funds: Individual projects are required to provide a variable match rate.
  2. $10,000 Grant Cap: Investments in any one project/program may not exceed $10,000 total project cost.
  3. Administrative Costs: The use of Flex-E-Grant Funds for administrative and personnel related costs and indirect costs are not eligible.
  4. Distressed Counties Only: No Flex-E-Grant funds will be approved for activities in non-distressed counties.
  5. Ineligible Projects and Costs: Except under unusual circumstances, equipment purchases and construction projects are not suitable for the program. As we mentioned above, indirect costs and administrative expenses are also ineligible.
  6. Timetables: Should be able to commence upon award and conclude in 6 months.
  7. Performance Measures: Programs must be designed with specific outcomes and measurable impacts.
When are applications accepted?
Project applications are generally accepted on an annual basis. Please check with our office regarding our application workshop. 

How are grants approved?
West Virginia Development Office staff reviews and awards projects. 

May I apply for more than one grant?

Where can I get technical assistance regarding ARC projects?
Please contact the West Virginia Development Office at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-2234.