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A Flex-E-Grant is a small grant, up to $10,000 total project cost, that may be used to support local leadership, civic engagement and capacity building. In West Virginia, community values -- responsibility, strong work ethic, sense of community and caring about our neighbors -- grow when our communities are strong and all people have access to genuine opportunity.

Strong communities value and use the skills that members possess. This approach contributes to the development of the community and the community members.

Flex-E-Grant is a joint effort of the West Virginia Development Office, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the Claude W. Benedum Foundation. WVDO continues to collaborate with many other organizations on the Flex-E-Grant project.

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Type of assistance:

Purpose: To foster civic entrepreneurship by helping residents of West Virginia's ARC-designated distressed counties become more effective participants in the civic life and leadership of their communities. The KEY focus of this program is building leadership from within to strengthen economies and improve communities. Trained and equipped citizens focusing on a vision and direction can substantially improve the lives of others.

Description: Priority will be given to applicants that propose to increase the capacities and/or leadership skills of:

Individuals (including locally elected officials, women, minorities and youth)
Institutions (including nonprofits, local economic development authorities and units of local government
Communities (geographic communities and communities of common purpose, i.e., healthcare community, education community)

Applicants should have an exceptional history of effective leadership or capacity building activities.

How to apply: Applications are received on an annual basis.

Contact: For additional information about the Flex-E-Grant program, please call the West Virginia Development Office at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-2234.