West Virginia Department of Commerce Land and Water Conservation Fund

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Land and Water Conservation Fund

(A list of frequently asked questions is below)

Type of assistance: 50/50 reimbursable matching grants

Purpose: The Land and Water Conservation Fund program (LWCF) provides supplemental federal funding for the acquisition and/or development of high-quality, public outdoor recreational areas throughout West Virginia. Assisted or acquired parklands are bound by perpetual restrictive covenants that obligate the project sponsor to operate and maintain the defined project area as a public outdoor recreational facility.

Description: Proposed projects must be consistent with the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). Funding priorities within the West Virginia SCORP are for larger projects having areawide benefits, which would improve the quality of life for residents, attract and support heritage tourism efforts or visitor experiences, or contain substantial commitments of private-sector funds. Parks that have previously received LWCF funding receive secondary priority.

Eligible activities: They include but are not limited to the development of outdoor recreation resources related to the following:

  • Land acquisition for parklands
  • Development or renovation of the following types of outdoor recreational facilities:
    • Campgrounds
    • Picnic areas
    • Sports and playfields
    • Golf courses
    • Swimming facilities
    • Boating facilities
    • Fishing facilities
    • Hunting areas
    • Trails
    • Winter sport facilities
    • Support facilities (walks, utilities, bathrooms, etc.)
    • Amphitheaters
    • Lake impoundments
    • Visitor information centers
    • Interpretive centers

Eligible applicants: Funds are provided to units of local government, independent park boards, commissions, districts and state government.

Contact: For additional information about the LWCF program, please contact John McGarrity or Jim Marshall at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-4010.