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F.A.Q. - Appalachian Regional Commission

Appalachian Regional Commission
Frequently asked questions:

How much does the state receive annually from ARC?
Congressional appropriations vary from year to year, but generally West Virginia receives between $6 million and $7 million for its ARC projects.

Is there a maximum grant request amount for which you can apply?
There is no maximum limit of a grant request; however, the ARC program is a very competitive program with limited resources.

Is my business eligible for ARC funding?
Individuals and businesses are not eligible for direct ARC assistance; however, you may be eligible for loan assistance from the ARC-supported revolving loan fund programs in the state. Please contact our office for additional information.

Is an in-kind match allowed in a project with ARC funding?
Yes, an in-kind match may be eligible for certain ARC projects.

What is the typical time length of a project?
Typically ARC projects run for 12 months or less, with the possibility of time extensions under certain circumstances.

What is the maximum participation from ARC?
Certain projects may be eligible for as much as 80 percent of ARC assistance.

What are some examples of activities NOT eligible?
Activities generally not eligible for ARC assistance include, but are not limited to, construction of libraries, hospitals, parks and playgrounds, schools, and public office buildings.

When are applications accepted?
The ARC project applications are generally accepted on an annual basis. Please check with our office regarding our application workshop.

How are grants approved?
West Virginia Development Office staff reviews projects and recommendations are presented to the governor for approval. Projects are then forwarded to the ARC for final approval.

May I apply for more than one grant?
Yes. The ARC does not limit the number of applications from an organization.

Where can I get technical assistance regarding ARC projects?
Please contact our office at 304-558-2234 or 800-982-3386 or contact one of the 11 Regional Planning and Development Councils listed here: http://www.arc.gov/about/LocalDevelopmentDistrictsinWestVirginia.asp