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Swirl, Fayetteville

Ask and you shall receive! We wanted to know your idea of the perfect West Virginia hangouts, from the coziest corners to the best-kept secrets. And here is what you had to say...

Swirl, Fayetteville
 117 South Court St.

perfect place for a treat and coffee with tin toys and old fashion candies! always people in there we know to chat with and meet

Darlene from Oak Hill, W.Va.

funky place to take the kids

Jay from York Beach, Maine

Its cute, cozy, friendly atmosphere and great products make it a place that you just WANT to go to and look forward to.... AND it doesn't break the bank to do it. You can just hangout and talk to the owners, employees, fellow patrons and everybody is your friend.... even people you don't know.

Robert from Oak Hill, W.Va.

Swirl is a great place. Ice cream, retro toys and candies, and the friendliest staff

Paula from Oak Hill, W.Va.

sit at the counter, chat it up with the swirl sisters, eat a slice of pie ala mode, and laugh your brains out. i love it because its simple, its endearing, its reminiscing of the past while creating memories for the future.

Peilee from Fayetteville, W.Va.

Swirl is a funky, fun ice cream shop nestled in the middle of Fayetteville WV. There are always people hanging out inside, outside on the bench, eating ice cream or drinking a coffee. There are also toys and candy you won't find anywhere else.

Courtney from Charleston, W.Va.

swirl is funky and cool, and unique.

Diane from Asheville, N.C.

best ice cream and people in town

Cheryl from Fayetteville, W.Va.

You always feel welcome. Great treats, great people.

Robin from Beaver, W.Va.

Swirl is a way cool ice cream parlor run by two of the coolest friendliest sisters I've ever met. It's a tiny shop but it's filled with nostalgic toys from yesteryear. There are even some hand crafts made by the sisters for sale too. And, most importantly, their ice cream ROCKS!

Denise from Oak Hill, W.Va.

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