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Pies & Pints Pizzeria, Fayetteville

Ask and you shall receive! We wanted to know your idea of the perfect West Virginia hangouts, from the coziest corners to the best-kept secrets. And here is what you had to say...

Pies & Pints, Fayetteville
 219 West Maple Ave.

The atmosphere is great - warm and friendly! Food incredible - always fresh and delicious. A wide selection of beers and wines from which to choose and a root beer on tap that's to die for! It's a fun place to go to meet friends you know and friends you haven't met yet! The open mic night on Wednesdays is always fun where talented musicians can showcase their original music - always a fun and interesting evening. The host David Bailey is friendly and community minded which makes "Pies" the PERFECT West Virginia hangout!

Stephanie from Fayetteville, W.Va.

Pies and Pints has the best pizza, beer selection. rootbeer on draft, atmosphere and staff In West Virginia. I love all the combinations of toppings they have..they have a pizza with grapes on it and one with black beans and the salads are so fresh and yummy! And to top it off they make their desserts..cheesecake, tiramasu and choc brownie!!

Cora from Fayetteville, W.Va.

Pies and pints has the best pizza and the best beer, everytime i go there it is with family or my best friends. We all enjoy a perfect pint over a perfect pizza after rafting, hiking, or mountain biking.

Jordan from Shady Spring, W.Va.

Pies and Pints delivers a relaxed atmosphere along with the perfect pizza! The menu is eclectic, the staff is always on target and the mood of the establishment is perfect. I've ate pizza at places around the country but none compare to Pies and Pints!.

Amanda from Beckley, W.Va.

They have great food and great drinks. And the atmosphere is cool - not to mention it great for family's in summer outside cause the kids can play. Everyone I've dealt with has been so nice and I met the owner and he was wonderful / he even came to our table one time to talk. Very cool place to go.

Jonathan from Mount Lookout, W.Va.

Laid back w/ friendly people & great food & beverage.

Robert from St. Albans, W.Va.

Great place to relax and enjoy pizza, family and friends. Wonderful atomosphere. Great service.

Cindy from Beckley, W.Va.

A place with great food, good beers, and quiet enough to relax and talk and laugh with good friends. Pies is great in the summer to sit outside and nice and cozy in the winter inside. The food couldn't be better or fresher, and their selection of beers is second to none in our area.

Debbie from Beckley, W.Va.

Best food in Fayeteville!

Pat from Maineville, Ohio

Pies and Pints has a great atmosphere. Relaxing and fun. Not to mention they have awesome pizzas!

Heather from Lerona, W.Va.

Green walls, great music,delicious beer, pizza to die for and the best staff you can find!

Angelene from Summersville, W.Va.

Good food and friends.

Jared from Scott Depot, W.Va.

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