West Virginia Department of Commerce Class VI White Water Rafting, Lansing

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Class VI White Water Rafting, Lansing

Ask and you shall receive! We wanted to know your idea of the perfect West Virginia hangouts, from the coziest corners to the best-kept secrets. And here is what you had to say...

Class VI, Lansing
 Ames Heights Rd.

They have the most amazing place things to do with their company. Anything you like they have. From the most extreme to the easy faimily oriented activities. This place is just awesome. Not only is the company cool but what makes the company so great is the wonderful employees. They are enriched with personality and are all amazing people that want you to have a great time and enjoy your experience with them.

Joshua from Huntington, W.Va.

Love the cabins, Chetty's, Smokey's, the river, over look and zip line! Best outfitter's in the state.

Pat from Maineville, Ohio

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