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South Charleston, W.Va.

Indian Burial Mound in South Charleston, WV
Small town southern hospitality merges with nearby big city attractions and industry.

Special Interests:
The second largest Indian burial mound in the state remains a focal point of South Charleston’s downtown business district. The town is within minutes of the capital city of Charleston.

Little Creek Park provides scenic trails for hiking, shelters for picnics and the country’s premier soap box derby racing facility.

South Charleston Memorial Ice ArenaThe South Charleston Memorial Arena houses an official size rink for hockey play or figure skating.

Credited to the early Adena people, the earthen Mound stands 35 feet high and measures 175 feet in diameter. An excavation in 1883-84 revealed skeletons, a flint lance head, copper bracelets, arrowheads, and tools. These items are now in the possession of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Signature Events:

  • The Mound serves as a gathering place for South Charleston festivities such as Summerfest Around the Mound with live music in mid-August.


The former farmland sprouted several chemical production operations, starting in 1914 with the advent of World War I. Today, South Charleston’s largest employers include Thomas Memorial Hospital, Dow Chemical, City of South Charleston and Bayer Material Science.

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