Variety of Oaks Available from West Virginia State Tree Nursery

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Variety of Oaks Available from West Virginia State Tree Nursery

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Few trees are as versatile and resilient as the mighty oak. Oaks come in a variety of species and sizes from the massive white oak with its majestic crown and high-quality lumber to the relatively small-growing English oak, a prolific acorn producer.

Clements State Tree Nursery, West Virginia’s only forest tree nursery, has six species of oak available this year for planting in spring of 2015. All trees are bare-root seedlings and are 1-2 years old. Seedlings are sold in bundles of 25. Prices depend on the number of seedlings ordered, and there is a 30 percent discount offered on orders of 5,000 or more. The nursery will accept orders through April 30, 2015.

Please note, because all oak species listed below grow to a mature height taller than 25-30 feet, they should never be planted under or near utility lines.

White oak reaches a height of 100 feet or more. The white oak’s leaves turn red or brown in autumn and often stay attached to the tree in winter. It is a slow-growing tree and one of the most valuable timber trees in the state. White oak acorns are excellent mast for livestock and wildlife.

The red oak has a rounded crown that turns an eye-catching shade of red in the fall. Great as a shade or ornamental tree, red oak also is of commercial value and its wood is used in furniture, flooring, crossties and fence posts. Red oaks grow 75-100 feet tall.

Chestnut, Chinkapin and sawtooth oaks are medium-sized trees. Chestnut oaks grow 60 to 90 feet tall and are great for planting on rocky ridges. Chestnut oak lumber is used to make crossties and fence posts. Chinkapin oaks grow to a height of 70 to 80 feet and are highly valued for their excellent acorn production. Sawtooth oaks grow to heights of 40 to 60 feet and have a pyramidal shape.

English oak is a relatively small oak, usually growing 30-40 feet in height and width. It is an excellent acorn producer and likes well-drained soil and full sun.

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News Release: March 13, 2015              

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