Tuesday Crew Day: Taso Stavrakis

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Tuesday Crew Day: Taso Stavrakis

Where are you from, where are you located now, and what are your ties to WV?

I grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. After living 12 years in NYC, 10 in LA, and 10 more in Florida, I found a beautiful 300-acre farm in Lewisburg that I hope to turn into a location for films, festivals and photo shoots.

What was your first job in film production and what was the experience like?

My first film experience (and still one of the best) was working on the original “Dawn of the Dead,” directed by George Romero. I did stunts and special effects with Tom Savini.

What was your last job and what were you responsible for?

My last job was as Stunt Coordinator for an independent horror film in Fergus Falls, MN called “The Control Group.” It stars Brad Dourif, who is also from WV.

What advice would you give someone wanting to work in the film industry?

If you’re young and thinking of a career in film, look for work. Find a production and go there. Give yourself every opportunity to get work of any kind and keep working. People on each crew know where the next jobs are.