Tuesday Crew Day: Emily Shaffer

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Tuesday Crew Day: Emily Shaffer

Where are you from, where are you located now, and what are your ties to WV?

I am from Clarksburg, WV and now live in New York City. All my heart and family are all still in West Virginia. I also went to college at WVU - so I’m very much still a West Virginia girl!

What was your first job in film production and what was the experience like?

My first acting job in film production was on a TV show called “How to Make it in America” on HBO. It was amazing and confirmed for me that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do with my life.

What was your last job and what were you responsible for?

My latest job was a role on NBC’s “Law & Order SVU.” It was my most challenging role to date. It was very emotional and technically trying, but I’m proud of the work and look forward to it airing for all the world to see (air date March 15th, 9:00 p.m. EST).

What advice would you give someone wanting to work in the film industry?

My advice for anyone wanting to work in film is to make sure that it’s thoroughly your passion. It’s a difficult industry to work in consistently, and at times, I’ve had to check in with myself, “is this still what I want to be doing?” because the successes can feel like they’re fewer and far between. But, I love it and it’s still working for me - so on I go.