Sycamore seedlings great for spring landscaping projects

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Sycamore seedlings great for spring landscaping projects

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Planning a spring landscaping project is the perfect way to spend a cold winter’s day.  Start your shopping at, where you will find an assortment of native tree seedlings grown especially for planting in West Virginia.

Sycamores are popular shade trees and grow rapidly, bringing shade into the landscape more quickly than other shade-giving species.  These trees adapt very well to life in the suburbs, but can grow to 100 feet high or taller.  Sycamores need plenty of space to spread out, so don’t plant them under or near overhead utility lines.  Their bark adds an interesting feature to landscapes: Young trees are easily identified by smooth bark, while mature sycamores are covered with broad, curling scales that shed to expose a smooth, white surface beneath.  

Sycamore trees provide seed for finches and squirrels to eat, as well as places for these and other animals to nest. Anyone planting sycamores for a future timber harvest will find the lumber is light brown and tinged with red, and is used to make butcher blocks, furniture and interior finishes.  

Sycamore seedlings from Clements State Tree Nursery in West Columbia, Mason County, start at $25 per bundle of 25.  The bare root seedlings will be delivered in time for spring 2013 planting, or can be picked up at the nursery.  

To order sycamore seedlings or learn about other available species, visit or call the nursery at 304-675-1820.

To learn more about Clements State Tree Nursery, visit the Division of Forestry’s website at 

Contact:  Leslie Fitzwater, Public Information Specialist, 304-957-9342 or 304-541-8102,