State Tree Nursery purchasing seed from public

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State Tree Nursery purchasing seed from public

WEST COLUMBIA, W.Va. - Clements State Tree Nursery is purchasing seed from the public to grow next year's crop of seedlings. Superintendent Jason Huffman is assigning allotments to seed collectors based on the amount of seed the collectors think they can gather. All collectors must contact the nursery prior to collecting seed to receive an allotment. Interested parties may call 304-675-1820; write Clements State Tree Nursery, 624 Forestry Drive, West Columbia, WV 25287; or email to obtain an allotment. As in previous years, all persons selling seed to the State Tree Nursery must be a registered vendor before payment can be made. All seed must be delivered to the nursery in Mason County. 

The nursery will pay the following prices for clean, quality seed:

White Oak             $3.00/lb       $150/bushel             
Red Oak                 $2.50/lb       $125/bushel
Chestnut Oak $1.50/lb  $75/bushel
Shagbark Hickory $3.75/lb         $187.50/bushel (Must be hulled)
Butternut               $15.00/bushel   (Not hulled)
Chinese Chestnut $1.00/lb       $50.00/bushel

All white oak and chestnut oak acorns must be received at the nursery by Friday, October 26, 2013; none will be accepted after that date. White oak acorns begin to germinate early in the fall and are hard to handle after that date.

Red Oak acorns should be received at the nursery by November 27, 2013.
For allotments, delivery information and seed viability requirements, contact Jason Huffman at 304-675-1820 or

For more information about Clements State Tree Nursery, visit