State Tree Nursery holding annual seed purchase

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State Tree Nursery holding annual seed purchase

WEST COLUMBIA, W.Va. – Clements State Tree Nursery in West Columbia is purchasing seed from West Virginia and Ohio seed collectors. Nursery personnel are specifically interested in seed from red oak, white oak, chestnut oak, shagbark hickory, Chinese chestnut and butternut.

Nursery Superintendent Jason Huffman said that the nursery needs to purchase seed in order to grow the state’s next generation of trees for reforestation, coal mine reclamation and wildlife habitat.

"Clements State Tree Nursery grows more than one million seedlings annually, the majority of which are sold to be replanted across West Virginia," Huffman said. "Seedlings grown from seed collected in our region – West Virginia and Ohio – should be planted back in the same region. Seedlings grown from seed collected in another geographic region of the country are not adapted to this climate and will not survive and grow as well long term."

Seed collection is open to any individual or group, and prices per seed species vary. Persons interested in selling seed to the nursery must currently be a registered vendor with the state of West Virginia or be able to become one. All seed purchased must be delivered to the nursery by the collector. The nursery is located in Mason County, nine miles north of Point Pleasant.

Those who want to sell acorns must first contact the nursery to get a letter with collecting instructions and an allotment. Seed will be accepted from late September through Thanksgiving.

For information about prices, allotments, pickup or shipping of seeds, contact the nursery at (304) 675-1820 or more information about Clements State Tree Nursery, visit the Division of Forestry’s website,



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Leslie Fitzwater, Public Information Specialist, 304-957-9342 or 304-541-8102,

Jason Huffman, Nursery Superintendent 304-675-1820,