Josh Stewart to bring directorial debut film “THE HUNTED” to West Virginia with

Recent Pages: Josh Stewart to bring directorial debut film “THE HUNTED” to West Virginia with

Josh Stewart to bring directorial debut film “THE HUNTED” to West Virginia with

SUTTON, W.Va. – Josh Stewart and Fortress Features have teamed up with to launch screenings of THE HUNTED in cities across his home state of West Virginia starting with a special two-night screening at the Elk Theater in Sutton on Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7 at 7 p.m. Fans and horror buffs are also able to visit the popular web-platform and request to bring THE HUNTED to their local theater. 

After months on the high-budget set of The Dark Knight Rises, Stewart needed a breeze of change - something to spark his creativity and bring his talent home. The script for THE HUNTED materialized from this desire and led him down the path to his very first endeavor directing. Growing up in rural West Virginia, Stewart spent much of his youth fly-fishing and hunting in the sprawling woods where THE HUNTED found its home. It is no surprise that when searching for locations to theatrically release the movie Stewart again turned toward home.

THE HUNTED follows family-man and hunter Jake, played by Stewart, alongside his best friend Stevie as they journey deep into the Appalachians of West Virginia on the hunt for a renowned, massive buck all the while filming. Chasing their dream of landing a television hunting show, the duo head into the dense, secluded mountains armed with only their bows and camera equipment. Given a time frame of just a few days to win over producers with the legendary kill the friends quickly realize there is something else that stirs within the woods. Something that turn-by-turn begins to hunt them... 

When selecting the handful of actors for the production, Stewart again turned to long-time friends that have had influence throughout his career. THE HUNTED co-stars Ronnie Gene Blevins in the role of best-friend Stevie. Blevins, who worked alongside Stewart from the day he arrived in Hollywood was more than eager to join the independent film’s roster. Joining Blevins and Stewart were his friends Skipp Sudduth and Nikki Deloach. 

An outdoorsman at heart, Stewart was no stranger to the simplistic world they inhabited during the shoot. After working all over the world, the genuine nostalgic experience of coming home to film in his own backyard was invaluable. His love for the region created focus on making all elements of the film realistic enough to appeal to fellow hunters. Everything from the equipment, apparel and even safety measures were true to form - a quality only found on hunting shows not in fictional work. 

Before shooting began, the filmmakers reached out to the most respective hunting brands in the industry in order to make the film feel as authentic as possible. Industry brand leaders, Realtree, BowTech Archery, Scentblocker, Trophy Ridge, Leupold and Cabela's quickly signed on to be a part of the project because of Stewart’s efforts to not sensationalize the sport. BowTech sent the team high-end brand new bows to utilize while Scentblocker, Cabela's, Trophy Ridge and Leupold outfitted the entire cast with clothing and additional equipment. Being an avid hunter his entire life it was instrumental that Stewart could make the brands feel comfortable with the hunting aspect being portrayed in a true-to-form manner.   

The film is being screened through, a platform that helps host screenings in local theaters. Tickets can be purchased at For more information on THE HUNTED, Josh Stewart or Fortress Features please visit