Job opportunities abound

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Job opportunities abound

View Story PhotosIn addition to saving money, renewable energy creates job opportunities, says Matt Sherald, owner of Power in My Back Yard, a Tucker County-based business that offers site assessment as well as installation of wind turbines and solar power.

Power In My Back Yard, also known as PIMBY, was inspired by the state’s first large utility-scale wind farm that went in near Sherald’s home in Thomas a few years ago.

“The wind farm had just gone in, and I was hearing a lot of people vocalize this desire to have a wind turbine like they were seeing out on the ridge, but a scaled-down model for their own houses.”

He did some research and concluded that it looked like a good business opportunity.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for jobs with renewable energy. We see it up in Tucker County on a utility scale with the turbine projects – you wouldn’t believe the number of workers that come in to make one of those installations happen,” he said. “And then on these smaller systems, it’s a great realm for builders and electricians to be in. Every house is an opportunity for getting jobs.”