Facts about Clements State Tree Nursery

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Facts about Clements State Tree Nursery

Clements State Tree Nursery is owned and operated by the West Virginia Division of Forestry. It is the state’s only forest tree nursery.

The nursery grows forest trees - both native and introduced species that are proven to grow and prosper in West Virginia’s forests.

Hardwood seedlings grown at the nursery include hickory, walnut and several species of oak. The nursery also grows West Virginia’s state tree, the sugar maple.

Evergreen species include white, Scotch and red pine, Norway spruce and Douglas fir.

Reasons to plant seedlings include erosion control, shade, shelter, wind barriers and wildlife habitat.

If you set up a West Virginia-grown Christmas tree, chances are it began from a seedling purchased from Clements State Tree Nursery. Nursery Superintendent Jason Huffman estimates that the nursery sells 70,000 seedlings annually to the state’s Christmas tree growers. The most popular species the nursery sells are Norway spruce, Douglas fir, and Scotch and white pine.

The nursery takes orders for seedlings from September to April. Shipping begins the week of Thanksgiving and continues through April.

Seedlings are packaged in quantities of 25, perfect for planting on large plots of land or sharing with friends and neighbors.

In 2007, the nursery began using nonviolent prison inmates from the neighboring Lakin Correctional Center. The all-female crew helps with weed control and orchard cleanup and processes seedlings for shipment.

The nursery is located in West Columbia, W.Va., on W.Va. Rt. 62 just 11 miles north of Point Pleasant.

The land where the nursery sits was once owned by the grandparents of writer and humorist Mark Twain.

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Contact: Leslie Fitzwater, Public Information Specialist, 304.957.9342 or 304.541.8102, Leslie.C.Fitzwater@wv.gov