Evergreen Trees Are Good for Wildlife

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Evergreen Trees Are Good for Wildlife

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – When considering which trees to plant in your woodlot or landscape, don’t overlook evergreens. Species like white, Virginia and Scotch pine and Norway spruce make great choices for wildlife plantings.

White pine and Virginia pine are native to West Virginia so they grow well throughout the Mountain State. Red squirrels and some birds feed on seeds from Virginia and white pines, and both trees provide shelter for grouse, songbirds, birds of prey and small mammals. Songbirds use white pine and Virginia pine needles for nesting material.   

Although Scotch pine and Norway spruce are not native to West Virginia, they grow well in the state. Norway spruce provides good winter cover for birds and makes good roosting territory for hawks and owls. The bark of the Scotch pine develops deep ridges as the tree matures, providing an excellent breeding ground for mosses, lichens, spiders and insects on which birds and small mammals can feed.

Clements State Tree Nursery has all four species in stock for the 2014-2015 planting season. Orders can be placed online at www.wvcommerce.org/ClementsNursery.

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News Release: Sept 5, 2014    

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