Casting Call for Thesis Project

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Casting Call for Thesis Project

Production Title: Deadpoint
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union/SAG 
Production Type: Independent/Graduate Student Thesis
Production Company: Ohio University Film Division
Project Length: 20 minutes 
Project Format: ARRI ALEXA and RED 4K Cinema Cameras
Posted On: Wednesday, July 29, 15
Production Location: Athens, Ohio
Director: Matthew Herbertz
Producer: Samuel Stewart
Audition Location: 31 S Court Street, Athens, OH 45701
Shooting Location: Athens, Ohio/Logan, Ohio/Meigs County, Ohio
Compensation: PAID (Emily/Rick characters)

Submit headshot and schedule audition:
(Video auditions may be submitted if commute is more than an hour)


August 14th, 2015 6:00PM – 10:00PM
August 15th, 2015 1:00PM – 6:00PM
August 16th, 2015 1:00PM – 6:00PM
Call Backs:  August 22nd or August 23rd, 2015 2:00 – 6:00 PM
Shooting Starts: September 17th, 2015
Shooting Ends: September 20th, 2015 
Lead Actor Pickup Day: September 26th or 27th


Deadpoint is a short horror/action film about a woman who goes into the woods and discovers what she’s capable of. Emily is a high school principal who leaves her boyfriend after discovering that he has a dark and controlling side. She heads for a backpacking weekend in the mountains to clear her mind, but when she stumbles upon a dead body, she realizes that life is only going to get more complicated... And someone is watching her. Emily is forced to face her deepest fears in ways she never thought possible and realizes that sometimes the only way to get justice is to fight for it.

Deadpoint is a genre-mashing nonstop adrenaline ride with a powerful female lead. Emily uses her intelligence and physical power to fight the forces of nature-- and the forces of evil. Think of it as Deliverance meets Halloween - but this time, Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t put down the knife. The film is as fun as it is terrifying, and with equal parts feminist politics and compelling storytelling. Deadpoint will be shot in Logan and Athens, Ohio in September by award winning filmmaker, Matthew Herbertz. He recently received a substantial grant from Ohio University to aid in this production of his thesis film.

(Must be in physically fit condition! Will have to climb on rocks in hocking hills region, swim in the strong hocking river, be outdoors in the elements for almost all of shooting!)
F, 30 – 35 years old, any race

Emily is a single physically fit thirty five year old high school principal who moved to the area just over a year ago. A pensive and independent loner. She spends most of her time at work but, when she isn’t running a high school, Emily is outside hiking, trail running, and camping. She has just started dating Rick and starts to realize he is not at all the man she thought he was. In fact, he is like all of the men in her life: hyper-masculine, oppressive, and controlling. Emily is strong, resilient, intelligent, resourceful, and LOVES the outdoors. 


M, 35-38, white 

Rick is a know-it-all alpha male who likes to wear the pants in the relationship. Has been dating Emily for three weeks now. At first, Rick thought Emily’s presence and manner was a good balance for his personality. Now, he is second-guessing his decision to date a strong woman. Rick is in very good shape, muscular, attractive, charismatic and HATES the outdoors. 


M, 25-28, white (dead body/makeup work must be done)

A man who wants to become one with nature. Michael frequently has his shirt off and has the chiseled body to own it.  The raggedy khaki carpri’s he wears low on his hips in the middle of the forest make him feel free. A child-like character who smokes a lot of weed and plays with fireworks. He lives his life in a zen-like state of mind taking it as it goes. He frequents the same parks Emily hikes and often makes camp where he isn’t allowed. A harmless rebel.