2010 West Virginia GIS Conference in Huntington June 7-10

Recent Pages: 2010 West Virginia GIS Conference in Huntington June 7-10

2010 West Virginia GIS Conference in Huntington June 7-10

Gov. Joe Manchin III to speak June 8

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - More than 200 of West Virginia’s geospatial leaders, managers and technology leaders will meet at Marshall University in Huntington the week of June 7-10 for the next state Geographic Information System (GIS) conference. GIS technology is used in many different fields such as public health, natural resource management, economic development, homeland security, and many others.

The conference will bring together representatives from government agencies, academia, nonprofits, and businesses that have an interest in geospatial research, development application and news in West Virginia and the Appalachian region. Events will be held at the Marshall University Memorial Student Center at the corner of 5th Avenue and John Marshall Drive.

The theme for this bi-annual conference is “Partnering Together, a Strategy for GIS in the Mountain State,” which refers to the implementation of new GIS-based strategic and business plans focused on cost and data sharing partnerships. Previous conferences have been held in Charleston and Morgantown. West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin III is scheduled to speak to the group at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 8.

“Gov. Manchin has built a reputation as a leader in the use of GIS in government operations and interaction with the public,” said State GIS Coordinator Tony Simental. “Although GIS now permeates most levels of government, the governor has seen other possibilities for its use. For example, he was instrumental in the state’s acquisition of a statewide license of GIS software for use in West Virginia schools. He also was responsible for the revival of the WVGIS Policy Council and the GIS Steering Committee that bring federal, state and local agencies together for continued GIS development in the state and provide the right foundation for partnering.”

Simental added, “This conference brings together geospatial professionals from state, private and local entities. During this meeting, we will exchange ideas and will encourage GIS professionals to collaborate more in GIS development. We think that partnering is the best solution to GIS development in these trying times.”

The conference will be hosted by Marshall University's Geography Department, the State GIS Coordinator, and the WV Association of Geospatial Professional.  More information about the conference and GIS technology can be found online at www.wvagp.org/conference/2010/.


For Release: June 4, 2010
Contact: Tony Simental, WV State GIS Coordinator