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Important Things to Know

Weather and Road Conditions

Courtesy Patrol:
888-359-3683 Free roadside assistance to stranded motorists on interstate and most rural multilane divided highways in West Virginia

Accident Reports: Accidents involving personal injury, death or property damage of more than $500 must be reported immediately to the nearest police department.

Bicyclists: Bicyclists must ride with traffic and obey motor vehicle laws. Motorists should allow room for bicyclists and joggers, especially when passing. Children on bicycles must wear helmets.

It is illegal to transport an uncased firearm within a vehicle.

Headlights: Although permitted through all hours of the day, the use of headlights is required from sunset to sunrise, during  adverse conditions or inclement weather,  and when daylight conditions restrict  visibility to 500 feet or less. Headlights must be dimmed within 500 feet of an approaching vehicle or within 200 feet of a vehicle being followed.

Seatbelts: State law requires everyone in a passenger vehicle to wear a federally approved safety belt. Children up to age three must be in an approved child safety seat; those under the age of eight and shorter than 4’ 9” must be correctly seated in an approved safety seat.

Speed Limits: Unless otherwise posted, speed limits are 70 mph on Interstate highways, 55 mph in rural areas (unmarked), 25 mph in business or residential areas and 15 mph in school zones while children are present.

Motorcycle Helmet Law: In West Virginia all motorcyclists and passengers are required to wear a federally approved helmet when they ride. 

Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving: The use of handheld cell phones or texting devices is not permitted while operating a vehicle.

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