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Anna Egan Smucker

Anna Egan Smucker

Anna Egan Smucker is a writer of children’s stories, poetry and historical fiction. She drew upon her childhood growing up in the steel mill town of Weirton as inspiration for her first book for children, “No Star Nights.” The book was the recipient of the International Book Award. She resides in Bridgeport.

To me, coming home to West Virginia means … singing, “Oh, those hills, beautiful hills, how I love those West Virginia hills …” with my husband and our two children when we caught our first sight of the West Virginia hills as we were driving back home (from Michigan) to visit my family in Weirton.

My favorite West Virginia reunion memory … has to be plural. It is all of my high school reunions (Madonna High School, class of 1966). As I look around at all of those faces, now beginning to grow old, I am always reminded of Willa Cather’s words of how, We possess together the precious, the incommunicable past.”

West Virginia’s best-kept secret is … its 50 shades of springtime green.

Even when I’m away from West Virginia, I feel its influence in my work or life … The hills, the mountains – it’s the land that always pulls me home.

Of my books, my newest one, “Golden Delicious, A Cinderella Apple Story,” is an ideal homesickness  remedy because it’s a fun, true story about the discovery of the Golden Delicious apple on Anderson Mullins’ Clay County farm. Kathleen Kemly’s beautiful illustrations will make you want to sink your teeth into one of those “gorgeous, glowing, golden apples.” No wonder Golden Delicious is our state fruit!