West Virginia Department of Commerce Reunions 2009 special issue

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Reunions 2009 special issue

Come Home for the reunion and stay for a lifetime

Summertime is a time for reconnecting with old friends and families with school and family reunions held throughout the state. It's also the perfect time to update yourself on the progress West Virginia is making. The following articles showcase new opportunities the state offers for those who return for a visit -- or to stay for a lifetime.

Just a Walk in the Park
West Virginia state parks host hundereds of family reunions every year. Learn why they're ideal for memorable gatherings.

Marching Home to Careers
Growing homeland security and military support industries let returning veterans continue to serve in rewarding new careers.

High Tech Tools, Hometown Jobs
The I-79 High Tech Corridor contributes to job growth and Morgantown's "boomtown" status.

Get a (Second) Life
West Virginia business leaders and colleges invite students to explore their career options, virtually.

Back to the Land
Swift Level highlights West Virginia's growing trend for sustainable (and profitable) women-owned farms.

West Virginia authors talk about reunions, coming home and what inspires them.

Wonderful West Virginia Reunion Issue

Wherever they may live now, people are concerned about their jobs and their quality of life during this economic downturn. Their thoughts naturally turn to home and how wonderful it was to grow up in West Virginia. If they come home, they may discover West Virginia still offers the opportunity for a better life.