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Quilt trails

Quilt Trails in West VirginiaThe first quilt trail originated in Adams County, Ohio, but was inspired by Roane County native Donna Sue Groves. In honor of her mother, a fifth generation quilter, Groves promised to paint a quilt square on her barn. A field representative for the Ohio Arts Council, Groves realized that a series of painted quilt square barns might attract visitors to the county and stimulate the local economy. The first square was unveiled in 2001. Since then, quilt trails have spread to other states, including West Virginia.

Mason County Quilt Trail 
“Every quilt and every barn has a history,” said Mollie Yauger. Since 2008, volunteers have mounted 11 quilt blocks and have plans for another 10.

Roane County Quilt Trail 
The Roane County connection to the original quilt trail helped inspire Nancy Stoepker to develop one locally. The trail showcases 40 painted quilt barns so far, with plans for more. 

Old Central City (Huntington) Quilt Trail
The Old Central City Association gives quilt trails an urban update by displaying the quilt blocks on Huntington’s buildings instead of barns. As of May 2010, the association has placed 10 quilt blocks in a four-block area on 14th Street West.