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Old Central City (Huntington) Quilt Trail

West Virginia Quilt Trail Central CityThe Old Central City Association gives quilt trails an urban update by displaying the quilt blocks on Huntington’s buildings instead of barns. As of May 2010, the association has placed 10 quilt blocks in a four-block area on 14th Street West.

“We commissioned artists to do paintings of quilt patterns,” said project manager Joanna Sexton Figlia. “The patterns come from or were inspired by the book West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers: Echoes from the Hills by Fawn Valentine.”

The Old Central City Association held a contest to choose patterns for its most recent hangings. The public was invited to send in photos and background stories of their family quilts.

“Sylvia Thompson, who sent in a photo of her mother’s quilt, was also an artist. We commissioned her to paint her mother’s Stained Glass Window pattern,” Figlia said. “It hangs in the CA Hosey Building, now home to Grandmother's Attic Antiques & Collectibles and Mojo Computer Works. The other winner is a pattern called ‘Woodland Creatures,’ quilted by Marian Crowe and painted by Sylvia. It is displayed on Hattie and Nan’s Antiques in the 500 block of 14th Street.”

Other quilt blocks were painted by artists Kathy Ferrell, George McManus, Charles Robertson and Mariah Dolen.

The Old Central City Association plans to create a few more quilt blocks, Figlia said. West Virginians are invited to send their quilt photos and stories to Old Central City Association, P. O. Box 9271, Huntington, WV 25704.
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