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Genuine WV Places

Genuine West Virginia Places
For a small state, West Virginia has more than its share of interesting places to visit.
By Hoy Murphy

The state’s unique places range from Green Bank’s sophisticated radio telescopes to virtually untouched, natural areas, like the wind-swept plateaus of Dolly Sods and nearby Canaan Valley, the highest large valley in eastern North America, sheltering 7,000-acres of wetlands.

The New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County is the third-longest steel-arch bridge in the world and offers a new bridge walk platform for tourists. Moundsville boasts of interesting sights ranging from the country’s largest coneshaped prehistoric burial mound, to a haunted penitentiary and a Palace of Gold. And in Williamson, you’ll find a house made entirely out of coal.

A 360 degree tour of the WV State Museum The Mountain State’s must-see museums include the Clay Center and the new West Virginia State Museum in Charleston, plus the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington. Visitors encounter history first hand at Blennerhassett Island near Parkersburg, Harpers Ferry and Matewan. And let’s not forget the pleasures of shopping and dining in historic downtown ambiance in Shepherdstown, Wheeling or Morgantown.

The West Virginia State Museum

The West Virginia State Museum
The renovated West Virginia State Museum, housed in the lower portion of the Culture Center at the Capitol Complex in Charleston, takes visitors on a journey from the state’s pre-history through the modern day, using an innovative show path that gives visitors the experience of starting out on a dirt trail beginning at 300 Million B.C. and continuing chronologically, ending on asphalt in the present.

Tracing your roots with a search of the West Virginia Vital Research Records Project

Tracing your Roots
Start the journey into your family’s past with a search of the West Virginia Vital Research Records Project. Your genealogy research may not lead to a family tree with branches of royalty, but you may learn who first had the family name that has been passed down through the generations.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
From the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, deep in the quiet hills of Pocahontas County, scientists can study radio waves from space that help them learn about stars, novas, quasars and other celestial bodies that cannot be studied any other way.

From Rocket Boys to Space Grants

From Rocket Boys to Space Grants
There is one Space Grant program in every state. West Virginia University (WVU) is the flagship in our state’s consortium of universities and colleges, organizations and companies that support research, scholarship and workforce development in science, technology, engineering and math.

Bobcat in West Virginia

The Wild Parts of Wonderful
Nearly 1.6 million acres of West Virginia’s land is reserved for public use. Because of this high percentage of protected lands and the state’s variations in climate, topography, geology and ecology, many biologists believe West Virginia is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, based on a concentration of globally rare species.