West Virginia Department of Commerce Genuine WV 2010 Special Issue

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Genuine WV 2010 Special Issue

Wonderful West Virginia special issue: Genuine West Virginia - Expect the Unexpected
Genuine West Virginia Places
An ancient Indian burial mound. A house built entirely out of coal. The world’s largest fully steerable radio dish. These are just a few of the wild and wonderful places that help make West Virginia a great place to travel and live.

Being West Virginian 
From expatriates who return and rediscover their roots to employees of the state’s global companies, diverse voices praise living and working in the Mountain State.

The Eureka! Factor 
An array of high-tech organizations work to expand the state’s innovation capabilities. Tackling key issues such as education, research and funding, they play a critical role in economic growth and diversification.

Real-World Classrooms, Hands-On Experience
Courses on cooking, nutrition, art and crime-scene investigation immerse students in the work through a hands-on approach, taking learning to all-new levels.

Unexpected Companies 
Many already know West Virginia for its unique adventures and sights; but nestled among our mountains and along our rivers are equally unique companies and people offering more to the world than just the obvious.

Mountains of Talent 
The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame, “Mountain Stage” radio show and a host of colorful venues showcase West Virginia’s world-class musical heritage.