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Being West Virginian

Jonathan Moore, Rowdy Orbit

Minority-owned, High-tech and Young
“Rowdy Orbit is the polar opposite of what people think they know about West Virginia. We are minority-owned, high-tech and young,” says owner Jonathan Moore. The online network airs more than 140 Web shows, including 28 episodic series...

West Virginia's International School

West Virginia's International School
Many Japanese companies have policies of rotating staff to other divisions in foreign countries. The International “Saturday” School is designed to give supplemental education in Japanese language arts, math and social studies.

Efficient, Green and Prosperous
You can be green and prosperous, too,” explained Dr. Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan, professor and director of the Industrial Assessment Center at West Virginia University’s College of Engineering and one of the founders of the Industries of the Future-West Virginia (IOF-WV) program.

Knowing Where You’re From
Although of different generations, Crystal Good and Dr. T. Ford-Ahmed grew up in West Virginia, but couldn’t wait to leave see the rest of the country. Now, both have returned to work on projects celebrating the state’s diversity and African-American history.

A HistoryMaker Comes Home
Celebrated as a favorite son of West Virginia – and the nation – Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., walked onstage at the West Virginia Culture Center in mid February, as “Take me home country roads…” played and scenes of his life flashed on the large video screen.

Go Global!
West Virginia’s public schools are becoming more diverse, with many counties having more than 60 languages spoken in their schools. Every year brings amazing stories of West Virginia teachers helping their students understand their world.