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Theodora Titonis

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Theodora Titonis
TTi Technologies, Inc., Wheeling

Theodora TitonisTheodora Titonis grew up in Wheeling. She left the state to study computer science at Ohio State University, then began her career in California’s Silicon Valley and New York’s Silicon Alley, working for startups and multinational firms. Shortly after 9/11, Titonis was one of the first cybersecurity experts hired to work for the newly established Department of Homeland Security. She now is the President and CEO of TTi Technologies, Inc., Wheeling.

My Job: TTi Technologies, Inc. provides Smart Cybersecurity Solutions for protecting government agencies and private companies against the increasing threat of cyber attacks. Founded in 2001, TTi’s customers include the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.

In 2009, TTi co-founded the West Virginia Smart Sensor Supercomputing Center (WV-SSSC) and is currently supporting a contract for the Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD). Additionally, TTi is developing an innovative Smart Malware Detection System (SMDS) to counter cyber attacks. SMDS uses a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning to stop the spread of malicious software.

Opportunities: What I enjoy most about my work is solving difficult problems through the use of technology. The solutions to many of these problems are critical to national security.

What I like most about TTi being based in Wheeling is the community and the people that I work with.

Wheeling provides a great value to a business owner. Our electricity, office space and Internet connectivity expenses at the West Virginia Smart Sensor Supercomputing Center (WV-SSSC) are significantly lower in Wheeling than many other parts of the country. Plus, the people that we have hired from the community have a great work ethic.

TTi promotes West Virginia’s cost benefit to our customer base both within the federal government and private industry.

My West Virginia Connection: While I was at the Department of Homeland Security, I became acutely familiar with the increasing cybersecurity threats and the threat to critical infrastructure such as data centers in the Washington, D.C. area. It seemed logical to me that these centers should be consolidated and hosted at a more secure, cost-efficient location.

Beginning in 2005, I started working with West Virginia public officials to promote Wheeling as this area.

My Favorite Places: My favorite places in West Virginia include Wheeling’s Oglebay Park and the Heritage Trails. As a child, I attended summer day camp, zoo camp and tennis lessons at Oglebay Park. As an adult, I enjoy the jogging trails and tennis facilities.

One of my favorite activities in West Virginia is whitewater rafting at the New and Gauley rivers near the New River Gorge National River Park. The rafting here is the best in the country and the scenic panoramic views at the overlooks are striking.

West Virginia’s Best Kept Secret: Wheeling is known as The Friendly City for good reason. If you would like to come home to network for jobs or start a new business there are many people who would love to talk to you and help you with your endeavor. The assistance that I continue to receive from the local and state officials is substantial. I don’t think you would get this much support in any other state.