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Peggy McKowen

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Peggy McKowenPeggy McKowen
Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF), Shepherdstown

Peggy McKowen is the associate producing director of the Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF), Shepherdstown. Located on the campus of Shepherd University, CATF is dedicated to producing new plays by American playwrights that deal with contemporary or challenging issues. Most often the plays are premieres, or receive their second or third productions at the theater.

McKowen says of West Virginia:

“West Virginia welcomes people home because West Virginians celebrate the value of home. We truly believe that family, friends, and community are the key to happiness.

“Our state embraces these values while forging new industries in everything from advanced technologies to cutting-edge cultural arts events. I came back to West Virginia because I can live a rich life among my family while pursuing an exciting career, a career that enables me to create new, innovative theater and enhance the future of the arts in West Virginia and across America."

Vitaliy Anosov, Felman Productions, Inc.