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Jeromy Tichner

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Jeromy Tichner
The MITRE Corporation, Clarksburg

Jeromy TichnerJeromy Tichner grew up in Bolair and studied electrical engineering at West Virginia Tech, Montgomery. An internship after graduation led to a full-time job in southern Maryland. Then, after Tichner married in 2006, the couple began looking for new opportunities. He learned of a job with The MITRE Corporation, serving U.S. Government agencies in the Clarksburg area.

My Job: I am a systems engineer at MITRE. Our company is a not-for-profit that provides the Federal Government with systems engineering, information technology, and research and development expertise. We operate four Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, or FFRDCs.

MITRE began supporting the company’s nearby Department of Defense and Department of Justice customers in March of 2008 with only two staff members. We now have 11 employees with a little room to grow. In serving our clients’ needs, we have the capability to reach back throughout the entire company–all 7,000 employees across all of our offices -- to help develop solutions. It’s nice. We are local. And we are worldwide.

New Opportunities: I didn’t think there were many opportunities to come back to the state, but when the opportunity arose, my wife and I thought this looked good, so we seized it.

In Southern Maryland, we were paying a thousand dollars each month to rent a two-bedroom condo. There, the DC housing prices and higher crime rates were pushing further south so we were really feeling that it was the right time to move. In West Virginia, we’re able to get a lot more home for our money, the crime rate is virtually non-existent, and there is no traffic congestion.

My West Virginia Connection: West Virginia was a great place to grow up and go to school.

Returning to the state, I see how the Morgantown/Clarksburg area has really grown. I knew NASA was here and that there were biometrics companies in the area–but I didn’t realize that high technology would be such a growing industry for the state. West Virginia University’s development of the biometrics program has really helped draw attention to the state for that area of engineering.

The northern part of the state has been isolated from the economic crisis that is happening in the country. It’s a good thing for the state to have this positive momentum.

My Favorite Places: We had our first child this year. West Virginia provides opportunity for a more laid-back or relaxed style of life. It will be good to raise kids here so they can experience a simpler life.

We recently spent a weekend in Holly River State Park. We always went there for class picnics in grade school, but going there as an adult is really refreshing. Other places I love are the Williams and Cranberry Rivers. I’m a big trout fisherman so I like to go there when I get a chance.

West Virginia’s Best Kept Secret: The mild temperatures and beautiful autumn foliage easily make it my favorite season. There is so much to do here but not enough time to do it all. My wife and I have a goal of seeing all of the state parks.