West Virginia Department of Commerce Genuinely Home 2010 Special Issue

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Genuinely Home 2010 Special Issue

Genuinely Home 2010 Special Issue

West Virginia: The Place to Be
West Virginia’s low cost and relaxed, balanced lifestyle are chief among the reasons more people are moving to the state. Twelve former residents discuss the new opportunities they found – or created – by coming home.

Geocaching – The Chase and the Challenge 
It’s modern-day treasure hunting with an electronic hand-held gadget you probably already have. Geocaching is a fun way to challenge your puzzlesolving skills and it gives you an excuse to explore hidden corners of our state.

Celebrate Traditions with International Spirit 
Members of West Virginia’s growing community of international companies recall traditions that differ from those familiar to the Mountain State, yet share a kindred spirit.

Appalachian Homegrown Christmas
Recall traditions from Christmases past and explore ways to start new ones. Beloved traditions make Christmas in the Mountain State the most wonderful time of the year.

Child Ballads of West Virginia 
Ancient music from the British Isles found a new home in the Appalachian Mountains. Today, the West Virginia University Libraries' collection supports the school’s reputation as a premier study source of folk song.

Kid’s Art Contest Showcase 
From pepperoni rolls and cardinals to rafting and coal mining – youth from every corner of the state describe what the Mountain State means to them. View the winners of the 2010 Genuine West Virginia Student Contest.

Wonderful West Virginia Special Issue - Genuinely Home: West Virginia in the New Year 
View a PDF of the 2010 Genuinely Home holiday issue.