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Living the Sweet Life
The Wooden Spoon Appalachian Creamery

By Catherine Zacchi

Phillip Bricker of The Wooden Spoon Appalachian Creamery shares a passion for using high quality local ingredients. Bricker switched from working for a Charleston engineering firm to studying culinary arts at Carver Career Center. While a chef at a Charleston country club, he began experimenting with sorbets. His dish won the 2007 West Virginia State Fair Recipe Challenge — and a chance to launch his own business.

The Wooden Spoon makes high-quality sorbets and ice creams and has a catering service offering party trays, sandwiches, and menus with southwest or international flavors.

Unlike highly-sugared alternatives, Wooden Spoon sorbets consist primarily of fruit. When possible, Bricker’s sorbets use locally-grown produce for flavors such as Wild Berry, Wildflower Honey and Blueberry, Peach and Blueberry, Strawberry Champagne, Valencia Orange and Blackberry Wine. Bricker also creates sugar-free sorbets, cakes and pies. In winter when fresh isn’t available, Bricker uses individually quick-frozen produce.
“Even in winter, with every bite you can close your eyes and remember summers picking berries as a child,” he said.

Catherine Zacchi lives in Mineral Wells and works for Commerce Communications. She enjoys biking on the North Bend Rail Trail in Cairo. Contact: catherine.m.zacchi@wv.gov