West Virginia Department of Commerce Farm To Table 2009 Special Issue

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Farm To Table 2009 Special Issue

West Virginia is filled with genuine products and goods, such as the delicious foods grown on local farms to the handcrafted tables and chairs where we gather with family and friends during the holiday season. Discover the state's unexpected treasures in this special issue of Wonderful West Virginia magazine. You'll be amazed at what we are doing.

Resolution: Hang Out in a Better State of Being
What is special about living in West Virginia's historic downtowns? Five couples share their thoughts.

A Feast for the Eyes
With the holiday season at hand, West Virginia-made products can add flavor and style to your dining room decor while setting the stage for great conversation.

Little Green Schoolhouse Teaches the Three R’s
They may not look all that different from the outside, but green buildings are popping up across the state.

From Farm to Feast
Whether you're cooking a favorite recipe or something new, West Virginia's farmers can provide you with the ingredients to make any meal memorable.

Go Wild with Your Holiday Meal
The Division of Natural Resources and some restaurants introduce people to the wonders of wild food via cooking techniques and prepared dishes.

Living the Sweet Life

From chocolates to sorbets, the goods these dessert makers create and their approaches vary greatly, yet they all share a common passion.

Finding the Perfect Gift
West Virginia's creative minds and skillful artists offer a selection of handmade wares sure to satisfy even the most difficult-to-please person on your list.