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ReclamationReclaimed surface mine projects in 12 counties have created more than 13,000 jobs, according to reports from the West Virginia Division of Energy and the Office of Coalfield Community Developments. Mined lands have been redeveloped for residential use, tourism, energy, schools, government facilities and manufacturing.

Mylan Park
What is Mylan Park today was once an industrial coal surface mine outside Morgantown. Now the reclaimed land serves as a 320-acre recreational and education complex.

The mine opened during the 1970s, operated for about 10 years and began reclamation. 

Mylan Park

By the late 1990s, Morgantown felt the pinch of too few fields for increasingly popular team sports. Two dads — Mark Nesselroad , chief executive officer of Glenmark Holding; and Bruce Sparks, president of Anker Energy — decided to tackle the problem themselves. 

The two men drew others from coal, government, nonprofit, education and events promotions into a coalition. That group eventually became the Mylan Park Foundation.

When Bob Pirner, now director of development, first saw what was to become Mylan Park, it still resembled a mine site more than a park. 

“Mark had the vision, and frankly, that day it was hard to see,” Pirner said. “Now 10 years later, great stuff has happened and continues to happen.  The initial 30 acres donated by Anker has grown to more than 300 acres. Mylan Park became an engine for economic development, where more than 400 people report to work every day. Most importantly, it became a high quality recreational and educational facility serving the people of West Virginia.”

Mylan Park is the home of events and festivals. It hosts MountainFest, WVAQ/WAJR Chicken Wing Cook-off, Scott’s Run Ribfest, Brewfest, University Balloon Festival, and the Monongalia County Fair. The park also provides space for many fundraisers, reunions and sporting events.

The Pro Performance RX and Pro Medical Rehabilitation indoor sports-specific training center opened in 2006.  This massive for-profit facility features a 270-foot by 180-foot indoor FieldTurf arena.  A 28,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center sits next to the arena.  This sports training facility offers leagues, camps and clinics to achieve individual and team training goals.

The 53,000 square foot Hazel and JW Ruby Community Expo Center is the largest venue between Charleston and Pittsburgh.  It has hosted everything from small fundraisers for fire departments to huge trade shows.  It can seat up to 4,500 people or host a trade show with 220 exhibitors inside and over 300 exhibitors outside.

Mylan Park also serves as host and incubator to non-profit community services organizations, including:
  • West Virginia Miracle Field Sports Complex – a completely rubberized sport service for baseball players with disabilities, the 3rd of its kind in the country
  • Stepping Stones – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve their maximum level of independence
  • PACE Enterprises - a community rehabilitation program that assists persons with disabilities to become employable in the private sector
  • Girl Scouts – an office providing support and service to 29 counties in West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Central West Virginia – office committed to providing children with positive caring adult mentors
Mindful of the educational roots of Mylan Park and the early innovation of the Monongalia County Board of Education, the park is home to:
  • Mylan Park Elementary – opened 2007 serving K – Grade 5 students
  • Alternative Learning Center – serving at-risk high school students
  • Transportation Center – maintenance and training facility for school busses
“Mylan helps bring West Virginia’s tourism,” Pirner said. “MountainFest alone had attracted more than 70,000 attendees.  “The park provides space for numerous smaller events each year.”

Thousands of people have enjoyed Mylan Park for a variety of activities including job fairs, mine rescue competitions, musical entertainment, and trade shows.  

“The park was critical in the revival of the Monongalia County Fair,” said Pirner, “which had the largest single night in the Fair’s nearly 100 year history.”

Mylan Park is home to high quality sports venues that attract athletes from all over the region to compete and sharpen their skills. Sports such as baseball, softball, horseshoes, archery and cross country have all used the park’s amenities.

Glen Jean - Acres of Adventure
Glen Jean - Acres of AdventureSet to open in 2013, The Summit: Baechtel Family National Scouting Reserve will be an adventure center operated by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and new permanent home of the National Scout Jamboree. A portion of the 10,600-acre property near Glen Jean in Fayette County includes reclaimed mine land.

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