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Power Trips: Mountain State Energy Tour

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By Catherine Zacchi

Discovering where West Virginia generates, conserves, dispenses and reclaims energy is a unique idea for exploring the state. The trek will lead you to destinations that range from historical to visionary, pastoral to industrial.

While coal produces more than 90 percent of the energy needs of the state – and approximately half of the electricity needs of the nation – it is not the whole story. In the 2009 West Virginia Alternative and Renewable Portfolio, the state challenges itself to meet 25 percent of electric sales by alternative and renewable sources by 2025. To achieve that goal, the state turns to the wind, sun, water and other sources to create or save energy.

Green Buildings Green Buildings
Some sites in West Virginia get their energy from a friendly tap into the environment, whether from heat generated underground or by plants germinating on the roof.
Energy Museums Energy Museums
face-to-fossil with a dinosaur or take a trip through an underground mine. These energy museums will help you discover West Virginia’s energy past and the role in played in forming our state today.
Reclamation Reclamation
A former surface mine is reclaimed and finds new life as a community’s recreational and economic engine.
Alternative Energies Alternative Energies
There’s more than one way to power up. And you can find these variations in West Virginia.

Catherine Zacchi lives in Mineral Wells and works for Commerce Communications. She enjoys biking on the North Bend Rail Trail in Cairo. Contact: catherine.m.zacchi@wv.gov