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Rock Climbing

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Rock Climbing

Rock ClimbingWest Virginia’s rugged eastern mountains provide some of the best rock climbing and hiking challenges anywhere for pro and amateur alike. Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center near Circleville in the beautiful North Fork Valley area of Pendleton County offers options suitable for beginners or experienced adventurers. They include via ferrata and other types of rock climbing, along with miles of trails for hiking, bird watching and geocaching.

Rock Climbing
Climbers take a break at one of the scenic overlooks atop Nelson Rocks.

Via ferrata, which means “iron road” in Italian, is a type of rock climbing that involves the use of permanently installed anchor systems, which provide accessibility to those without technical rock climbing skills. The route is a true work of art. Only the second of its type to be built in the United States, via ferrata at Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center offers a rare opportunity for adventurers to experience true mountain terrain.

Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center also offers a thrilling canopy tour involving 13 zip lines and is available for both the beginner and the experienced.

Participants ride zip lines that get progressively longer and higher, up to 80 feet from the ground, from tree to tree. While aloft, they see some of the most impressive natural rock formations, trees and vegetation to be found anywhere. The tour ends with a 40-foot rappel out of the final tree, after traveling more than a mile through the air.

“The North Fork Valley Canopy Tour is modeled after canopy tours found throughout Central America and the Caribbean,” according to Wayne Berger, director of Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center. “While there is a certain level of thrill involved, the tour is designed to give participants ample exposure to the natural features of the North Fork Valley and to allow them the time to appreciate these surroundings. The NFV Canopy Tour is a four-hour, guided experience that allows you to explore Pendleton County in a completely new way.”

For more information visit www.NelsonRocksOutdoorCenter.com or call 877-435-4842.